Thank you all for an amazing 2017 season! It was a whirlwind of activity from May 5, when the guides showed up for training, until September 16th, when our last group gets off the river. We appreciate your patience while we get our reservations closed out for this season and reset the system for 2018. Most of our rates will stay the same for 2018 with only a few minor changes. Due to the number of Girl's Camp participants in 2017 we will be offering a specific trip for them in 2018. See below for more information. Reservations will be available online for most trips after October 20th. If you would like to be penciled in for a date before that please email us at with your group name, number of participants and the top three date choices for the trip that you would like. Thank you again and we will see you in 2018!

Hello Young Women leaders! Due to the number of Girl's Camp participants we had in 2017 we have been inspired to add another itinerary that is specific to your groups. It will be similar to the Multi-day Scout Adventure we have been offering to the boys for a number of years. The cost will be $187 per person (plus the 3% Access Fee) and this specific format will only be offered on Monday launches and the trip will be over after breakfast on Thursday morning. Included in the cost are meals from lunch the first day until breakfast on the last morning.

The meeting time will be 11:00 AM at the campsite you will be staying at for the 3 days and 3 nights you are on the river with us. Guides will meet you there where you can quickly set up camp and have lunch while everyone changes into their river clothes. The bus will come about 12:30 to take you to the boat launch. From there you will have a fun day floating back toward camp. On day two and three your group will float the fun Moab Daily section (Fisher Towers) of the Colorado River. At the end of each day there will be time to play on the beach while the guides go back to camp to get dinner started before your group is bussed back to camp. On the last day your group is free to go after breakfast.

If your group is interested, as part of the trip our guides can work with the girls to do their camp certification on the river. Details on what that will actually entail are being worked out and more information will come to you when a reservation is made. For more information and availability on this trip on any others, please email us at or use the contact form on our website.

” The high level of expertise and experience that your company has is obvious. I was impressed with the planning and execution of every phase of our trip. We had a fantastic time! Thanks for a wonderful vacation!”

-Wade from Illinois